Pochettino does not give in and wants PSG to pay him 20 MDE as a settlement

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The PSG and Mauritius Pochettino is it so in the middle of a problem. The Argentine coach is willing to leave the club, however, the Parisians seek to reach an agreement with him for lower its compensationwhich is fixed in the millionaire figure €20 million.

Nevertheless, ACE points out that the Argentine coach you haveand not the slightest intention of forgive a single peso PSG to terminate his contract and the French have few days to maneuver.

Is it is not the first goz in which Pochettino enter a significant amount of money for being firedso that in 2019 it lived with the Tottenhama club that paid 14.6 million euros to fire him.

PSG, with time against announcing their new DT

To the french set you urgent to arrive still agreement with Mauritius Pochettino for hsteel official to its substitute, Christophe Galtierwho managed Nice last season and left them in fifth place in Ligue 1.

ACE ensures that everything is closed for the coach to sign for PSG. The source even indicates that they will announce him as the new DT as soon as Mauricio Pochettino’s departure from the French team is closed.

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