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Police catch 50 motorcycles traveling in opposite direction from e-TLE mobile within 15 minutes to Jalan Chiputat Raya, Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta. The police have asked citizens to obey road signs.

“After we parted, there are others who go against the current, against the direction. Please, because driving against the direction of a one-way street is very dangerous for the safety of the opposite direction and for other road users. We respectfully ask that we abide by the rules,” said Jakarta Metro Police Chief. South Commissioner Ade Ari Syam Indrady told reporters on the spot on Tuesday (August 29, 2023).

Ade Ari asked the communities for support and understanding so that the movement is orderly, one of which is not to go against the direction because it is dangerous. He asked the public not to cat-and-mouse with the police in order to avoid prosecution.

“So that the efforts that we have made, starting with warnings, education,CONSPIRACY members working together on the three pillars to support this law can maximize results,” he added.

Police reportedly raided Jalan Chiputat Raya, Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta on motorcycles against the current. In 15 minutes, up to 50 countercurrent violators were recorded on e-TLE cameras.

Kombes Ade Ari said the counter raids were carried out by three elements, namely the police, TNI and the South Jakarta city government. Enforcement is carried out using the e-TLE mobile tool.

“We are currently supported by the e-TLE tool mobile from the South Jakarta Regional Traffic Police. It is a tool of the Traffic Authority,” Ade said on Jalan Ciputat Raya on Tuesday (August 29).

The e-TLE cameras recorded about 50 violators. They will then be sent a ticket confirmation email.

“In 15 minutes, 50 violators were detected. They successfullygrab 50 traffic violations. It is very disturbing,” Ade Ari said.


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