“Please, Holy God!”: A plane from Chile went through a storm and miraculously landed without an engine

“Endless” minutes lived the passengers of a LATAM airline flight, when what they least expected was to witness a turbulence that led them to fear for their lives. The journey had started in Santiago de Chile and was destined for Asunción, but weather conditions forced him to deviate.

Bad weather caused the Paraguayan air terminal (where he was supposed to arrive) to be closed, so the pilot’s alternative was to make a stopover in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil, and then return on his way. According to the airport area of ​​the National Directorate of Civil Aeronautics (DINAC), it is not clear why the route was resumed, despite the storm.

“To be clear, it is a flight that had to arrive in the afternoon from Santiago de Chile to Asunción. 3:25 p.m. is normal time. When Asunción was closed due to a storm, he went to the alternative that was Foz do Iguaçu,” said the agency’s director, Douglas Cubilla, according to what was reported by the national media. ABC.

A journey full of anguish

If the 48 passengers did not know what true fear felt like, they experienced that feeling when the storm made them jump out of their seats and think that the aircraft could come crashing down. A video began to circulate on social networks in which the panic of these travelers is evident, whose experience will surely not be forgotten.

Local media revived the moments of terror in mid-flight. “I am trembling because now I was only able to vent and cry. Here we are assimilating all this (…). Thirty minutes after arriving in Asunción, we felt the turbulence (…). We panic, the pilot tells us that we are preparing for a forced landing. I heard that with my daughter, alone. We prepare for impact position ”she told Monumental Radiothe former model Pabla Thomen.

He landed “miraculously”

The aircraft finally arrived in the city of Luque, on Paraguayan soil, with several damages: the windshields were broken, it arrived without an engine and the front part of the plane was also destroyed.

Through a statement, the LATAM airline regretted the inconveniences that its plane was involved in, given the weather conditions. “The aircraft made an emergency landing in Asunción, a procedure that was carried out without problems at 23:09 (local time). Both passengers and crew are in good condition” reads the text.

For its part, the Paraguayan Civil Aviation opened an investigation to determine responsibilities, mainly because it was aware that it was facing adverse weather and, even so, continue with the journey.

“A report of internal recordings will be requested. What we have is information with our teams. Information will also be requested from LATAM” to assess whether international regulations were breached, said the director of DINAC, Douglas Cubilla, according to ABC.

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