PLD intends to elect its presidential candidate no later than October 2022

The Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) wants to choose its presidential candidate no later than October 2022, after holding open primaries, such as those of October 2019.

During a meeting, the Political Committee of the purple organization decided that the candidates for the presidency reach an agreement together with the commission designated by the political leadership body, in order to refine the details contemplated in a document that will support the agreement or pact to sign.

“It was agreed to return to the commission that was formed so that the candidates for the presidential candidacy discuss with those designated by the Political Committee the agreement that has been discussed by virtue of Francisco Domínguez Brito processing a document, which was sent to committee for discussion purposes ”, explained the secretary general of the PLD, Charles Mariotti.

He announced that the consensus points of the agreement between the candidates for the presidential candidacy of the PLD were approved, leaving other points pending to be discussed in committee, which will be definitively approved at the meeting of the Political Committee, scheduled for Monday, December 6 at hours in the morning.


Among the approved points is to pre-select the presidential candidate for the 2024 elections no later than October 2022.

“That election would be held in a process of open primaries, similar to the process in which comrade Gonzalo Castillo, candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, was chosen,” added Mariotti.

University Commission

During the meeting this Monday, a university commission was formed headed by Johnny Pujols, member of the Political Committee, whose responsibility is to coordinate everything that has to do with the life of universities in a general sense and in a particular way with the Autonomous University of Santo Sunday (UASD).

Likewise, it was decided to request the Forum of Political Parties of the Dominican Republic (FOPPPREDOM) to allow the PLD to participate in said event as observers.

To this end, on Tuesday, November 16, the organization will send a communication to the current President of the Forum, Juan Cohen and its Secretary General, José Francisco Peña Guaba, requesting their permission to participate in their meetings as an observer.

Also present at the meeting were Plutarco Pérez, Deputy Secretary General of the party, the members of the Political Committee Víctor Suarez, Johnny Pujols, Cristina Lizardo, Rafael Paz, and José Dantés Díaz.

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