PlayStation becomes Devolver’s first investor

When it comes to indie games, there is no question that Return DigitaHe is possibly one of the publishers most important in this category. Just this year they were in charge of publishing Death’s doorA game that received all kinds of praise when it debuted a few months ago, and that will finally hit more platforms in a matter of weeks.

Well yesterday Return announced his departure at the London Stock ExchangeTherefore, theoretically, any company could partner with them, assuming they have the capital to do so. Well one of these companies is Sony Interactive Entertainment, who have already become the first major investor in Return after having made a minority investment of 5% in shares of this publisher.

“A salute to our friends at Devolver Digital for their public offering today. We are honored to be your investors. Keep bringing all these amazing indie games to life. “

In accordance with GamesIndustry, Return Digital is valued at $ 950 million today, and in addition to PlayStation, NetEase, a major company of China, also made a considerable investment.


Editor’s note: This should ease people’s concerns a bit by saying that “PlayStation doesn’t care about indies.” Just because the Japanese company churns out these massive AAA blockbusters doesn’t mean it doesn’t care about indie games, and we’ll see the kind of impact PS’s investment in Devolver has in the long run.

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