Player who could be a reinforcement for Chivas would already be tied with another team in the Mx League


Guadalajara has had a nightmare football break as some signings that it would have sought to shore up its squad have slipped away.

Atlas vs Chivas - Clausura Tournament Quarterfinals 2022 Liga BBVA MX
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Chivas is urgent to incorporate more reinforcements to shore up their squad for Apertura 2022, mainly in the offensive zone; however, it has been a frustrating semester for the rojiblanca board of directors who have entered into conversations with several teams for several soccer players but without being able to specify any for the Guadalajara attack.

During this transfer market, Guadalajara has managed to incorporate Alan Mozo and Fernando González to round out Ricardo Cadena’s squad, where it was considered that the right back and midfield were the urgency due to low play and injuries to players in both positions.

A few weeks ago it was leaked from Monterrey that the Flock and the High command of Rayados were engaging in conversations to consummate the loan of Alfonso Alvarado to the rojiblanco fold, where everything was going in the right direction until the Monterrey directive requested an extension from the people of the chiverío, for which they preferred to conclude the negotiations.


In this summer break, the Flock has missed the additions of Víctor Guzmán and del Plátano, in addition to the fact that they are awaiting a final response from Orbelín Pinedaa midfielder that the entire Guadalajara institution longs to see again with the rojiblanca, since it was Amaury Vergara himself who declared that they were trying to repatriate him.

Who would Banana Alvarado play with?

The attacker who has shone with Rayados every time he receives minutes I would be in serious talks with Leónwhere reporters from both the Sultana del Norte and the Bajío have confirmed that the loan transfer is very close to being announced.

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