Plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine

Who is Dr. Carla De Luca?

I am a physician, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, MN 92.755. For thirty years I have dedicated myself to medicine, constantly improving myself. She did a postgraduate degree in Plastic Surgery, then certification as a Plastic Surgeon, and I participate in International Congresses, as well as those held in the country. With the idea of ​​being at the forefront, I did training in the United States for the placement of the anti-aging chip that is all the rage today. Actually, I was one of the pioneers. In fact, Caras magazine interviewed me about five years ago. years and today, my colleagues have adopted this anti-aging treatment that is comprehensive.

What services does the patient find in your office?

The practices are both Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine for patients who do not want to undergo surgery. My specialty in Plastic Surgery is breast implants and dermolipeptomy, blepharoplasties, lifting, liposuction or laser liposculpture and also non-invasive treatments such as the application of Botox or botulinum toxin, lip filler, etc., at the time I was speaker dealer training colleagues, so I have great experience in that area, both for aesthetic treatments and medical treatments. In the case of bruxism or patients who have an exaggerated contraction of the planter muscle when sleeping and grind their teeth as is commonly said, this would be a therapeutic application in the planter muscle to loosen that muscle so that people can sleep better at night and wake up with better comfort. I also apply botulinum toxin in the armpits for hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating in the armpits, which the patient is usually a man and comes to the office because it burns the shirt or the area of ​​the shirt in the armpit and then everything that They are the filler or fillers for the different areas of the face. I do not use buttock fillers because it is an area where with good exercise the goal can be achieved, therefore, only on the face seems to me the indication for the areas where they are consumed, first the bone, then the fat, then with the fillers we reposition the entire facial structure, that is called harmonization of the face and if not the plumps on the lips or in the nasolabial folds.

Is there any notable novelty in your discipline?

The challenge for what is coming is the improvement in the Tulua technique, which is a transverse dermoplasty or abdominoplasty. I am going to take courses with the creator of the technique, who is a Colombian plastic surgeon, and the other challenge for 2023 is to dedicate myself a little more to anti-aging medicine so that his patients not only look good, but also feel good. from within, that’s all added to the testosterone chip or anti-age chip. There are many treatments that we sometimes leave aside and do not compensate with the micronutrients that are needed, as well as minerals and vitamins. Other treatments that accompany senescence with better quality, that is, we are not going to stop the passage of time, but if we are going to improve the quality of life with our treatments, this year I joined the SEMAL, which is the Society of Anti- age de España or the Spanish Society of Anti-aging Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine as well, so I am already part of this group of professionals who are dedicated to improving the quality of life. The goal for 2023 is to aim and be able to guide their patients on all anti-aging care, so that in addition to making them look good, they feel good. SEMAL is a very important Society that makes one stop time, but it does improve the quality of life of its patients. They are all treatments aimed at supporting the entire internal environment of the patient and improving the quality of their cells, that is, the treatment is molecular. To deepen these concepts, I’ll wait for you in my offices in Recoleta, La Plata and City Bell. Being the medical director of Epsilon Estética Médica, we can also meet at any of the two branches to talk about laser hair removal.

Instagram: @dra.carladeluca

Attention in Recoleta, La Plata and City Bell.

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