Piqué preferred soccer to being intimate with Shakira, was it the cause of their separation?

What brought the relationship Shakira and Gerard Pique to the decline? Since the announcement of their separation in June of this year, various speculations have arisen around the ex-partner, since recently Catalan media assured that love had ended before the news was made public, since the footballer supposedly lived alone in an apartment in Barcelona, ​​now a video comes to light again in which Piqué points out that he preferred sports rather than being intimate with the woman from Barranquilla, a statement that went unnoticed at the time.

The celebrities became known in the press and on networks as one of the strongest couples, so in fact their breakup came as a surprise to some of the fans. Let us remember that in those months it was also said that the reason was for infidelity.

It was in an interview for Jordi Wild’s YouTube channel, which took place in April 2022, where Piqué assured that there was nothing compared to football, which today meant for some: a sign that things were already getting difficult with Shakira.

The talk focused on Piqué’s professional experiences, as he detailed the passion he feels for the game when he visits the pitches of an opposing team: “I like to go there, enter the field of play, and be whistled at disfigured. That you laugh and fuck even more. There is nothing like it in the world. I’d say it’s better than sex,” he said.

Given this, Wild took the opportunity to ask the Barcelona defender a question: “That is, you prefer an hour with the ‘parrots’ (Barça fans) than having sex, right?”

So Piqué replied: “I think so”. The youtuber humorously added that the Colombian would surely be happy with the statement, “she must be clapping her hands right now,” he said.

In the excerpt of the material, you can see how Piqué bows his head and answers: “Well, I think not”, later they continued talking as if nothing about the sport.


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