Pilar Rubio tells us about her favorite restaurant in Paris, an Italian with dishes that look exquisite

Pilar Rubio has gone to dinner at her favorite restaurant in Paris, an Italian located very close to the Arc de Triomphe, which is a mandatory stop for many celebrities.

Pilar Rubio has been living between Paris and Madrid for almost a year. The presenter has had time to get to know the French capital well and to make it her list of favorite places to get the most out of it. And among those Parisian places that have conquered him, there is no lack of a well-known Italian restaurant there. Pilar Rubio has shared on her Instagram the great plan that she has made in Paris, and that is how she has revealed that César restaurant is “my favorite restaurant in Paris”.

Where is Pilar Rubio’s favorite restaurant in Paris?

Cesar’s restaurant is located in a privileged place in Paris. This place from which Pilar Rubio has been delighted, it is very close to such an emblematic place as the Arc de Triomphe and very close to the Champs-Elysées. One of the areas with the most purchasing power in the city.

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Pilar Rubio boasts of curves with a lack of tube.

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What can you eat at Pilar Rubio’s favorite restaurant in Paris?

It is a restaurant specializing in Italian food which has an extensive menu of antipasti and salads, pastas, meat, fish, pizzas and desserts. In the case of Pilar Rubio, she has shared what she has asked for on this occasion. The presenter has decided for a pasta carbonara and for a dessert with meringue and strawberries that looks great.

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The dessert that Pilar Rubio has had in Paris.

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How much does Pilar Rubio’s favorite restaurant cost in Paris?

The prices of the dishes do not appear on the website of the César restaurant. Reading reviews of customers who have been there, it follows that the average price per person is about 50 euros, and upwards from there.

Other celebrities who have been to the César restaurant in Paris

Pilar Rubio is not the only celebrity who finds one of her favorite places for lunch or dinner in the César restaurant in Paris. In the Instagram profile of the restaurant you can see how Marc Anthony, Leo Messi, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, Maluma or Kaia Gerber, among many other familiar faces, they have also passed through there.

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