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The giant Manzana is developing a car equipped with multiple technological tools. It has been doing it for several years now and it is not yet known with certainty when it could be ready.

Although no details are known or what the model would be officially like, the automotive company ‘Vanarama’ prepared a 3d model of the vehicle from patents that Apple has registered.

The car would have a futuristic design, according to the aforementioned company.

What ‘toys’ would it have? We tell you.

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‘Vanarama’ presents the vehicle in the style of a SUV, in Spanish a sports car for various uses.

It is a matte white color that, according to the automotive company, comes from the iPhone 4 models launched in 2010.

In photos: this is Apple's car, according to its patents

The vehicle would go to the SUV model.

It does not have metal bars so that its windows are fully panoramic and provide an unbeatable feel to passengers.

On its front it has a grille inspired by the Mac Pro’s ventilation system. The area is adorned with the company’s apple, which is also present on the wheels and the rear of the trunk.

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In photos: this is Apple's car, according to its patents

The car would have panoramic glass.

The lights are different from those commonly seen, as they are thinner.

The door handles to enter are based on the style of side buttons of the iPhone.

In photos: this is Apple's car, according to its patents

The doors would have handles like the side buttons of the iPhone.


Apple’s car, according to patents, would have customizable chairs. So its location, size, height, inclination and many more details could be decided.

In photos: this is Apple's car, according to its patents

The vehicle would have customizable seats.

In the 3D model the glove compartment is not visible. Instead, the car has a screen that runs end-to-end inside.

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According to the pictures, the panel it is tactile and it could also be adapted to the driver’s requirements, that is: he would choose which buttons he wants or where he wants to press to control the volume of the music, the air conditioning, among others.

In photos: this is Apple's car, according to its patents

An end-to-end panel would have all the controls.

The steering wheel has the popular assistant Siri. She would guide the driver, answer his questions, and let him know how the road is.

What else is known about the ‘Apple Car’ or ‘iCar’?

The apple company, founded by Steve Jobs, has remained very silent about the creation of its electric car.

It is known that since 2014 the Titan project. According to the financial medium ‘Business Insider’, it concentrates the efforts of its engineers and workers in a headquarters in Cupertino, California.

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In photos: this is Apple's car, according to its patents

Apple has not disclosed further details of the development of its car.

In fact, Apple has an agreement with the company ‘Foxconn’, an assembler of most iPhones, which recently launched its first electric cars.

It would be expected, according to the ‘Bloomberg’ media, that it would also delegate the manufacture of its car to the assembler.

“An Apple car has been a paradox for years: it is one of its most anticipated products. However, the company has said almost nothing publicly about it ”, points to the mentioned medium.

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