(PHOTO) Tremendous duel between Esteban Paz and Diego Herrera in networks

A spicy crossover occurred on Twitter between Esteban Paz, a senior leader of the Quito University Sports League, and Diego Herrera, a footballer businessman with a past in the Albo team.

It all started when the manager Azucena made public his annoyance over what, in his opinion, has been the behavior of the current league squad this season. “There are players who only play for money and do not have the mystique to play in the league,” said Paz, which generated an almost immediate reaction in networks by the businessman.

“And whose fault is it? From the players or from those who hire them? ”Herrera asked through the social network. “That’s right, first time I agree with you. That is why I congratulate you for your great ability to hire players in El Nacional, which is why you have been fighting for the top places for several years, ”Paz responded sharply, recalling Herrera’s recent past as a scout for the military team.

“Just as you don’t know who you hire, you don’t know that the last players I recommended to Nacional were Michael Estrada and Janner Corozo. I gladly recommend you a good scout so that you can hire well and learn better by the way, ”the former Ecuadorian striker responded again.

However, far from finishing the subject, Paz once again counterattacked his occasional questioner. “Why don’t you complete the list and with all the money you collected? There, yes, to believe you because, being sincere, you don’t even believe it! ”, Assured the manager.

Finally, Herrera retorted: “Please do your research so that you are well informed. Just as the League fans ask you, to investigate well who you hire, so that you do not continue to make mistakes ”, thus ending this spicy tweet duel between two Ecuadorian football characters.

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