PHOTO ⟩ Works of the project “Ukraine. Residence of Freedom “can be viewed

“Ukraine. “Brīvības Rezidence” brings together more than 24 Latvian and Ukrainian artists from more than 10 artistic disciplines. In the residence, artists work in pairs, individually, as well as remotely through live communication. “Ukraine. Residence of Freedom” is a new level of understanding of the very word “freedom” – and in order to feel it, you need to become a part of the project, as a participant or a spectator.

The main producer of the project, Gundega Skudrina, explains: “This is not a story about them and us, or about us here and them there. This is a story about us. We all go together in one breath towards the common goal of Freedom. At the Liberty residence, everyone is unbound.

With complete freedom of action, artists can fulfill themselves, feel and gain new experiences, and create in a common space. Visitors are free to explore and interpret as they see fit.

This project is about the balance of war and life, about the hope for the light that we strive for. We cannot close our eyes and pretend there is no war. We do not want to shock the viewer, but to show that artists are able to develop even at this time. This project is also important for Ukrainians who have found refuge in Latvia – for them it is an opportunity to find themselves in the context of Ukrainian art.”

All works created by the artists will go to an international auction, and all donated money will be donated to charity – a program for the psychosocial reintegration of the defenders of the country affected by the war, implemented in cooperation with

An auction site has opened on this site with the first works of the residence from the exhibition part, but on August 28 new works of art created during the event will be added. Works can be purchased at the auction until September 5th.

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