Philips Hue expands to security cameras and secure door sensors

Until now, Philips Hue has meant a series of smart light bulbs with colored lighting at an above-average price. Now Philips is entering a new area with this brand by launching 4 security cameras and door sensors.

The Hue series is now focused on smart home security products, but here we are not dealing with an announcement, but with an escape from The Hue line will include a new contact sensor for doors and windows. The article mentions 4 products, all with prices:

  • Hue wired camera – 199.95 euros.
  • Hue Wired Desktop Camera – €229.99
  • Hue camera battery €249.95
  • Hue Flood Light Camera – €349.95

The same blog reports that Eric Rondolat, CEO of Philips Hue’s parent company Signify, said in a conversation with investors that at least one new camera is on the way and that we will benefit from end-to-end encryption, which is rare for smart home cameras. Signify also owns Wiz, which has its own encrypted camera system, so we’re not surprised by this move.

Philips Hue often announces new products at IFA, so we might see the news in Berlin in September. The source also writes that Hue will offer us Hue Contact Sensor security sensors for doors and windows, they will cost 39.95 euros separately and 69.95 euros as a set. Then Hue also offers 12V bulbs with GU5.3 bases, white and colored light.

A new version of the garland will also arrive.

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