Pescadito Ruiz explodes against David Faitelson for belittling Costa Rica

After the painful defeat that Costa Rica suffered at the hands of Spain in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, criticism of the Costa Rican team did not wait from fans and the local and international press. David Faitelson was one of the characters who joined the trial against the Costa Rican team and generated controversy on social networks.

Costa Rica must ‘renew’ itself. He can’t settle for coming to the World Cup to make a fool of himself”, noted the item from the ESPN network on his official Twitter account. His words were not ignored and, in fact, Carlos ‘Pescadito’ Ruiz responded in the same way.

“Since 1996, the best team that has represented Concacaf in World Cups has been Costa Rica, reaching the quarterfinals. What is this ghost talking about? Always belittling Central America”, expressed visibly annoyed the ex-goleador of the Guatemalan soccer team.

Costa Rica… Goodbye to Qatar 2022?

After Spain’s thrashing, Costa Rica has no room for mistakes in their next two group stage matches. One more defeat or even a draw would condemn them to elimination, so they will have to be close to perfection this Sunday against Japan and on Thursday December 1 against Germany.

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