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the tone of Juan Carlos Oblitas It doesn’t sound like a farewell, and there a new light of hope shines in the Peruvian team. The sports director is clear: today Ricardo Gareca does not have his word, but optimism reigns in him in order to convince him to remain in command of the Bicolor.

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As we warned a few days ago, the distance from Ricardo Gareca It was because his message of improvements for Peruvian soccer was not heard in these seven years that he has been in office, that is why the FPF plan aims at that, to show the coach that these changes are on the way for a medium and long term term.

The plan to retain Ricardo for the next World Cup process not only involves having the team at a high level, but also because after 2026 there must also be another team that disputes the following processes. For this reason, as we said a few days ago, the idea is that the new project also ensures work in all divisions, as Juan Carlos Oblitas confirmed yesterday.

“By the end of the month we can have an answer”

There is no other name than Ricardo Gareca for the position in the Peruvian team. “He is the natural leader”; says Juan Carlos and the conviction is in what he has done in seven years of project. In the meeting between the coach and Agustín Lozano, president of the FPF, and then with Oblitas himself, the ‘Tigre’ was told that the project should continue with him. “What we are pushing is for him to understand that this time he had to lose and that we have a long way to go. I think that by the end of the month we can have a concrete answer,” said the manager.

Indeed, Gareca He is spending these days with his family. It is not known that he will travel to Argentina, and if there is a request from the FPF, it is that they make their decision known soon, because there is already a FIFA date to attend in September – friendly with Mexico – and in March next year the Qualifiers begin.

During this time, Gareca will analyze what is best for your work idea. “Ricardo has never said that he had a cycle, that his cycle has already ended”so in the FPF they hope that based on that, the coach still has in mind to improve what has already been done since Videna.

”Ricardo asks us to focus on the rest of Peruvian football”

The feeling that the qualification for the World Cup in Russia was not taken advantage of to change Peruvian football is also felt by the same Gareca and the FPF, that’s why ‘Tiger’ himself has made it known that there are many things that must be changed to improve the Bicolor. “The FPF knows that there have to be changes in the structure of football, and what Ricardo asks for is that too. He always tells me that “we can’t just focus on the national team, but on changing the rest that has to support the national team. Now we have to go back to that.”says Juan Carlos.

For this, commissions have been established within the FPF who will be in charge of making the evolution and proposals for the best of local soccer, the one that supplies the Bicolor. “Melgar is giving an example of what has to be done”gives as signal the ‘Blind’.

“If we don’t do it now, we won’t do it anymore”

what you don’t want Gareca is that the team continues to be an island that was graphed with the fall of Alianza against River (8-1) while Peru dreamed of the World Cup. “Change is necessary so that this difference is not noticeable. That there are good pitches, that everyone has minor divisions”, explains Oblitas. For this reason, one of the first demands will be to work with minors. “We want to get more involved in that. Of the base team, most will be in the following Qualifiers, but we have to see who comes. Ricardo wants to leave something in that sense”, says Oblitas, that is why the commissions in charge will make the necessary decisions. “The only way is to work with the clubs and for that certain demands have to come,” the manager makes clear.

In La Videna they estimate that the time between now and the start of the Qualifiers -from now until March- is reasonable for Gareca to analyze the new faces that can be added to the Peruvian team, and see if those that have already been consolidated been considering -name yourself Jairo Concha, Gianfranco Chávez, Jesús Castillo, Jhilmar Lora, among others-. Already within the world of selection, they consider that the work is going well with what they already have. “In logistical terms, the team has all the support, but the human support for the team is what concerns us. The only way to have volume is with the work of the clubs”, assures Juan Carlos.

The explanation he gives Oblites is that the pandemic truncated a project designed in 2015, with a strong economic commitment to minors. That post should have been taken by the clubs in 2020, but the pandemic “killed us”, as he himself says. Today, three years later and with the economy more open to go out in bloom, it is time to return to that.

“A process of change began here in 2015, which in 2019 was cut short by Covid and the lack of money and it has cost us to get out of that”That is why all the areas of the FPF must be aligned so that the institution recovers its economic rhythm, despite the fact that there will be no World Cup awards on the way.

However, from the blow of defeat, in Videna they hope to emerge stronger, but always with Gareca in the lead.

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“What has happened hurts me more than Chile’s 4-0 win in ’97, with me being the coach.”

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