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The work of the ‘9 ′ is the goal, but in moments like these, when the passing markets are open and the ties are over, in the heads of the scorers you also see more than networks, numbers, signatures, contracts. This is how these days go Raúl Ruidíaz, who surprised everyone with a ‘goodbye’ post from the Seattle Sounders.

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The Peruvian team was eliminated from the MLS playoffs (United States), thus ending the season for its members. Given this, what was done by Ruidíaz was surprising. “I couldn’t finish the year the way I wanted, but the fighting never stopped. Thank you all for your support, you will always be in my heart, I will never forget you, ”he wrote on his social networks.

They interpret it as farewell, but from a good source I tell you that it was not like that”, Nick Negrini, a Peruvian journalist for Pulso Sports who covers MLS, tells us. The reason why Ruidíaz should stay in the Sounders is because of the ‘player option’. “In MLS contracts, the final year is the option and the club can exercise it. The player cannot say I will not sign. Raúl had already been informed that they were going to exercise that option and he agreed”, Says Alonso Contreras, a reporter for the Sports Network Area.

This so-called player option is part of the clauses of the contracts that everyone signs. Ruidíaz signed for three seasons, until the end of 2021, and the option gave Seattle the opportunity to renew him in 2022 and he did.

In addition, as Alonso tells us, the MLS discloses the status of each player and Ruidíaz does not appear on the list of players who are left without a contract or on the list of those with the option. “The only Peruvian who appears is Yordy Reyna. As the option with Ruidíaz has already been exercised, he will play in Sounders in 2022″, He clarifies.

Indeed, in the list published by the MLS, there are six Sounders players still with the option to renew and another three who remain without a contract. In no case does Raúl Ruidíaz appear, this because the Peruvian already signed to comply with that clause.

According to Nick, this type of contract is not to the taste of the players, since they do not have decision-making power over that last year and the clause is mandatory in each link they sign. There have already been several meetings in which the footballers have suggested that he withdraw.

While all this was happening, from Mexico it was remembered that Cruz Azul was interested at some point in the Peruvian. However, for The Machine to become the attacker, today it must pay the termination of the contract, which is above 8 million dollars.

What is speculated, regarding Ruidíaz’s post is that he would be looking to leave the Seattle Sounders and hopes that the club can lower its claims to find a new destination, be it in the MX League or in Saudi Arabia. “It has several offers from outsideNick Negrini confirms.


Ruidíaz is not the only Peruvian striker who has had mentions of the contractual side. Yesterday it was reported in Italy that Gianluca Lapadula would be close to returning to play in Serie A. After descending with Benevento, the Italian-Peruvian attacker was looking for new airs, but did not manage to complete any pass, so he remained at his club to play the Series B.

However, his good season with both his club and the Peruvian national team has sparked new interest. According to the newspaper “La Repubblica”, the Bologna of the First Division could sign him in January – the winter market of the European leagues – and would do so through an exchange of players.

The aforementioned media seeks to get rid of the Paraguayan Federico Santander, who has barely played 23 minutes in four games this season, and would offer it to Benevento to acquire Lapadula, who in 11 games (six as a starter) has six goals in Serie B.

Thus, the attacker who scored against Bolivia and Venezuela in the Qualifiers could change the air in January, just before coming to Peru to play a new double round of the Qualifiers.

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Paolo Guerrero ruled out his arrival in Alianza Lima for 2022:

Different is the case of Paolo Guerrero, who in statements to the press was clear and assured that his return to Alianza Lima has not yet defined and yesterday the alleged interest of Boca Juniors became stronger. It was learned that Jorge Bermúdez, a member of the board of directors of the ‘xeneize’ group, spoke with the Peruvian medical corps to find out the real status of the attacker.

From Argentina, the journalist Leandro Aguilera did not rule out the contact, but he did tell El Comercio that today there is no concrete conversation about the arrival of Paolo Guerrero, who is an old wish of the Xeneize directive.

Perhaps the step prior to his return to La Victoria is in the neighborhood of La Boca, where the Peruvians Zambrano and Advíncula are already. Although for this he must first battle with his knee injury.



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