Perfect MLB Offseason Plans for 5 Key Teams

There really is no such thing as a perfect off-season. A front office can dream up all the right moves to fill the gaps with the players that top its most wanted list. It might even have an owner with an open checkbook. But things rarely line up exactly the right way. Perhaps the prized free agent simply wants to play elsewhere. Maybe you wait for Plan A and meanwhile Plans B and C sign somewhere else, so you move on to Plan D and then the fans wonder why you didn’t sign B or C. It’s a game of musical chairs.

Here are five of the most interesting teams to watch as this offseason finally gets underway, the ones that will help drive much of the action. We’re not including the New York Yankees, though if Aaron Judge leaves, they could have the most hectic offseason of all. For each team, we offer our vision of a perfect offseason (within reason, of course).

All free agent contract estimates are courtesy of Kiley McDaniel’s free agency rankings and projections, while roster information comes from FanGraphs’ Roster Resource and Cot’s Contracts portal.

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