Pepe Aguilar and His Family Are Scared of Life in Flight

The singer of Regional Mexicano, Pepe Aguilar shared the moment through his social networks and assures that he vanished due to the anomaly that the plane had

There is no doubt that accidents and mishaps can arise at any time and now it was Pepe Aguilar and his family’s turn to go through a terrible and harrowing experience that they will surely never forget.

The Mexican regional music singer shared through his social networks the moment in which they had the scare of his life since the plane depressurized after coming 38 thousand feet high, so he had to go down in a matter of seconds, causing an impact on all the members of the Aguilar family who came on that private flight.

Quickly, his fans and colleagues in the artistic medium sent him a large number of messages in which they are grateful that they are safe since they are accidents in which you can not do anything, just follow the instructions of the experts.

Pepe Aguilar also shared that at the time of the accident he decided to get up and find out what was happening, approaching the cabin when he fainted, and instead returned to his seat to take the oxygen mask.

It is undoubtedly an experience that will mark all the Aguilar family since the family came together on a private flight to the city of Los Angeles, where they were panicked due to the anomaly suffered by the plane.

The Son of Antonio Aguilar assured that it is an interesting experience, since you cannot do anything, just wait for the pilots and personnel to take control of the situation, so he and his family had the scare of their lives in full flight.

It is important to mention that depressurization occurs when inside a cabin the air accumulates by pressure, thanks to the pressurization which managed to have oxygen levels similar to those found at low altitudes, it begins to lose for some reason either in a way slow or fast.

This fact also causes people to instantly suffer from drowsiness, headache, fatigue, blurred vision, and even memory loss in some cases, so the feeling of this accident impacts anyone.  

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