People receiving a pension will be given an additional payment of 9000 TL! The conditions for receiving an additional payment of 9000 TL have been announced!

ING Turkey offers a bonus payment of TL 9,000 for all pensioners with SSK, BAĞ-KUR or 4C status. This payment is provided as an additional support to the salary of retired citizens and makes it easy for pensioners to receive it through their IBAN numbers.

ING Campaign to Raise the Retirement Age in Turkey

ING Turkey offers an additional opportunity for promotion if retirees bear their salary. This promotion is valid for SSK, BAĞ-KUR or 4C pensioners who are retired civil servants and guarantees them a bonus payment of 9000 TL provided they receive a salary from ING Bank for 3 years. This payment is seen as a step towards supporting the economic needs of pensioners.

ING Turkey has simplified the application process so that retirees can quickly and easily take advantage of additional promotion opportunities. Now you can apply through Internet banking and mobile banking without having to go to a bank branch. Thus, retirees can take advantage of the added incentive to easily complete their applications from the comfort of their homes or using their mobile devices.

The application conditions defined by ING Turkey for participation in the pension campaign are quite clear and simple. The only requirement for SSK, BAĞ-KUR or 4C retirees is to receive a salary from ING Bank for 3 years. Retirees who meet this condition are eligible for additional promotion opportunities.

ING Bank offers various amounts of incentives depending on the salary level of pensioners. These amounts can start from 5,000 TL and go up to a maximum of 10,000 TL. If retirees fill out applications before the holiday, they will be able to receive promotional payouts directly into their bank accounts without waiting just 3 days. This way they can take advantage of the extra income before the holiday.

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