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As one of the recent adaptations of the Phantom of the Opera, the first season of The Show Must Go On on the Peacock platform will heighten the intrigue of Gastón Leroux’s famous work, after turning its musical performance into a matter of life and death.
Produced by Austin Winsberg and Andrew Lloyd Webber himself, author of the successful musical The Phantom of the Opera Live, the series will show us a “behind the scenes” of the arduous task of bringing the famous work to perform its first live performance for millions of viewers around the world and the mishaps to which it is usually subjected.
Production problems, ego struggles in the cast, delays in setting up the scenery and, to make matters worse, the brutal (and untimely) death of one of the protagonists. Now the directors, production staff and actors will be forced to give the best show of their lives live, while trying to escape the mysterious killer who haunts behind the scenes and threatens to make them the next victim.
This particular twist to the play was well received by Webber, fully involved in this dark version of his musical, one that since its first performance in 1988 has become the longest-running performance on Broadway, a mecca of world theater. For 34 years, The Phantom of the Opera has been presented in 181 cities around the world, being seen by 135 million viewers and winning more than 70 awards.
an imperishable story

In both the novel and the musical, the plot revolves around Christine Dáae, a young opera singer and muse of the Phantom of the Opera, a mysterious being who rules the famous Garnier Theater in Paris from the shadows. The ghost’s obsession with Christine will quickly find her rival in the figure of Viscount Raoul de Chagny, friend and admirer of the singer, pushing him to kidnap her and take her deep into her realm under the theater.
Since its publication in 1910, the novel has been the subject of numerous film, television and musical adaptations, the most notable being the production of Andrew Lloyd Webber, being the version most used for new versions such as the famous film by Joel Schumacher in 2004, The Phantom of the Opera, with the leading roles of the ghost played by Gerard Butler, Patrick Wilson as Raoul and Emmy Rossum as Christine Dáae.
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Although The Show Must Go On will exploit the darkest side of the plot, its success will be due not only to the brilliant interpretation given by the composer, but also to that of its original author, Gastón Leroux, who knew how to weave between pages a story of romance, tragedy, terror, and mystery, whose twists have managed to hook readers since the early twentieth century, consecrating its place as one of the magnum opuses of gothic literature.

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