PDHI Lampung educates students on rabies transmission awareness

Bandarlampung (ANTARA) – The Lampung branch of the Indonesian Veterinary Association (PDHI) provided education and awareness to schoolchildren on rabies transmission awareness in their area.

“Rabies Information, Communication and Education (IEC) events were held today at Srikaton Public Primary School 1 (SDN) and Pardavaras Public Primary School 1 (SDN) in Tangamous District. In cooperation with the Tangamous County Agriculture and Livestock Service,” PDHI branch manager Lampung Nanan Purus Subendro said based on information received in Bandarlampung on Tuesday.

He said that education and socialization about the transmission of rabies was carried out after the case of the bites of three babies by a wild dog in the second pecon or the village last Wednesday (August 23).

“The results of observation and further examination in the laboratory of the Lampung Veterinary Center showed that the dog was diagnosed with rabies. Therefore, further education is needed to prevent and treat cases of rabies,” he said.

According to him, about 200 children of primary school age of the village took part in educational and educational activities.

“The goal of educating schoolchildren is to raise awareness of the dangers of this deadly disease, since the biggest victims of bites or rabies are children of primary school age,” he said.

If there are rabies-transmitting (HPR) animals such as dogs, cats and monkeys in a residential area, it is hoped that those animals will be immediately vaccinated as a step to prevent cases of rabies.

He explained that rabies is a disease caused by a virus of the genus Lysavirus. This virus is known to affect the nervous system, and damaged nerves make patients more sensitive to light and wind.

“In addition to infecting animal carriers of rabies such as dogs, cats and monkeys, this disease can infect all mammals, including humans. Therefore, vigilance and awareness are needed to vaccinate animals to prevent transmission,” he said.

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