Remember with us this personality of the Czech music scene, the loss of which Přerov felt palpably.

Seeing off for the holidays in Mikhalovsky Park, June 2022

Source: Diary/Peter Polakov-Uvirov

Pavel Novak – memorial concert in Přerov 2019

Source: DENIK/Petra Polakov – Uvirova

Pavel Novak’s Christmas concert on Přerov Square 2016

Source: DIARY/Dagmar Rokoshna

Pavel Novak had big plans – he wanted to organize a spectacular concert for the fortieth anniversary of the legendary Pirillo band, with whom he had once started, he was preparing other projects for children, he was preparing in advance for the traditional Christmas concert. . All projects started ended with his unexpected death.

The funeral of the singer Pavel Nowak in the Church of St. Lavrine in Přerov on September 12, 2022

Last applause for Pavel Novak. Prerov said goodbye to his singer in tears

Eliska Novakova

Elishka Novakova: We are still waiting for dad to come home again…

Pavel Novak

Shock and big hit. Prsherov will miss Pavel Novak, friends and colleagues say