Pavel apologized for riding a motorcycle without a helmet

The president was commenting on a video by a CNN Prima NEWS viewer showing him driving. According to television, he was supposed to commit a traffic violation in the village of Rtyne in Podkrkonoše.

“I realize my mistake and apologize for the obvious traffic violation. When riding a motorcycle, I follow all the safety measures all my life, from a helmet to clothing with protectors and an airbag vest, ”the president wrote on Twitter, adding that on this occasion he went to a gas station to inflate tires.

“It was a 1.5-kilometer journey on a rarely used road, and I had to drive up to the main road for several tens of meters. It was stupid,” he scolded on social networks.

Thus, he wants to donate money to help motorcyclists who find themselves in a wheelchair due to someone else’s fault and do not have the means for treatment. “On Saturday, I will take part in the “Keep respect” campaign, the purpose of which is to help motorcyclists who find themselves in a wheelchair due to someone else’s fault. In this regard, I donate an amount exceeding the upper limit of the administrative fine awarded for this offense for voluntary confession,” he wrote. The maximum fine for this offense is 2500 crowns.

The President addressed his insult on Thursday afternoon in a meeting at the Castle with Transport Minister Marian Kupka (ODS). “He comes face to face with this. He belongs to those who pay attention to the safety of a motorcycle. It was undoubtedly only a specific partial mistake. The way the president approached this is straightforward,” Kupka commented after the meeting.

Pavel is a passionate motorcyclist and did not give up his passion even after he was elected head of state. He even rode a motorcycle abroad, in May to Germany, where he participated in the opening of the weeks of Bavarian-Czech friendship. When driving, he is accompanied by a specially trained security guard.

The Senate approved the news in the rules of the road and the scoring system

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