Paulina Rubio assures that Thalía’s mother did not want them to be friends

(Photo by Jason Koerner / Getty Images)

(Photo by Jason Koerner / Getty Images)

Long before Kanye West and Taylor Swift starred in one of the most notorious confrontations in the recording industry, in the world of Latin music there was already a legendary rivalry between two of its great pop icons, Thalía and Paulina, dating back to his times in the band Timbiriche.

In addition to exchanging endless taunts in their respective interviews, because at that time there were no social networks, on one occasion they even starred in a fight with blows on stage during a concert in Ciudad Guzmán. As the golden girl has now revealed in an interview in which she has looked back to remember those years, her enmity was related to ‘boyfriend issues’ and not to an ego issue between artists.

“We brought things stuck, but it wasn’t about who was the most important … It had a lot to do with the boyfriends, with kissing everyone in the group and with having a boyfriend and kissing another,” she explained as she passed through the Yordi Rosado’s YouTube show.

However, it was not all problems between the two artists. As youth stars in a very similar situation, they also shared moments of complicity despite the fact that Thalía’s mother, Yolanda Miranda, did not see with good eyes that they got along: “Yes, she was my friend for a long time and her mother would not let her being my friend because she said she couldn’t have beautiful friends who didn’t envy her, “Pau assured.

In any case, a couple of years ago the artists resumed contact by chat and managed to smooth things over despite the fact that today they are still like night and day. “We have many things in common and other zero in common, because she is very different from me,” he acknowledged.


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