Patrice (“Love in the Meadow”) forgets Veronica at the train station after having a privileged moment with Justine, their awkward reunion.

This Monday, August 28, in the second issue love in the meadow on the air of M6, viewers found Patrice for the remainder of his love quest. Finding Justine, whom he offered to go out for coffee, the farmer forgot to greet Veronica at the station…

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On August 21, M6 opened the series’ unprecedented 18th season. love in the meadow. An opportunity for viewers to find some of the farmers whose portraits were broadcast last February. Among them is Patrice, a cow farmer who is hemiplegic, handicapped, but…absolutely not mental“, – he admitted to Karine Le Marchand. At 39, he never knew love.”I want to know him, I need to learn everything“, – he said in his portrait. During a speed date, he met Veronica, with whom feelings developed well. Therefore, it is not surprising that he chose her. He also chose Justine, his favorite, to whom he hugged in front of the M6 ​​cameras.

Patrick (love in the meadow) spends a special moment with Justine before Veronica arrives.

This Monday, August 28th, in Episode 2 love in the meadow on the M6 ​​the audience found Patrice for the remainder of his countryside adventures. “Impatient“In order to pick up his suitors at the train station, he was first visited by his mother, who brought him two dishes to satisfy the taste buds of his lovers. Then he went to the station, where he first found Justine, who had “rush“To see him again. While waiting for the arrival of his second admirer, Veronica, he offered her a drink.A few years ago I had a hard time… I survived domestic violenceamong other things“, she told him.

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love in the meadow : Veronica alone at the train station, her awkward reunion with Patrice.

Over a cup of coffee with Justine, Patrice forgot about Veronica, who meanwhile was hanging around at the station. Once there, Patrice asked him how his trip was. “It was very long, I was in a hurry to come because it was very long.“, she replied. Visibly disturbed by this new trio, Patrice did not bother to help Veronica with her luggage. And in the car, the farmer seemed to be walled up in silence. An awkward reunion …

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