Pati Chapoy Reveals the Reason Why Livia Brito Attacked Paparazzi

The host of Ventaneado, Pati Chapoy, revealed the real reasons that led Livia Brito and her boyfriend to hit a paparazzi last summer.

Recently, the host of Ventaneado, Pati Chapoy, revealed the true reasons that led Livia Brito and her boyfriend to hit a paparazzi last summer, causing a severe head injury and the theft of his work equipment. 

As is already known, this unfortunate situation occurred in June 2020, when the protagonist of ‘La Desalmada’ and her sentimental partner was visiting a paradisiacal beach in Cancun, and photographer Ernesto Zepeda approached to capture some photographs and videos of the actress. 

However, the paparazzi did not imagine that this event would upset the couple so much, who allegedly attacked him and took away his tools to work, which have not yet been returned. 

According to several statements that were revealed at the time, the famous model had been altered to such an extent because she was fed up with being followed anywhere she went and was not allowed privacy, which caused her to explode when she realized that Zepeda was photographing her. 


But a couple of weeks ago, Pati Chapoy and Linet Puentes revealed the real reason that led Livia Brito and her boyfriend to behave in this way with the paparazzi, who filed a complaint against the couple last year. 

“We were reminding ourselves that it was really the subject and what made her mad is that she lied to the production about where she was. I was in a soap opera and she said she couldn’t go for any reason, ”Puente explained in front of the cameras.

“Yes, it is true, because she was sick and they caught her in Cancun (…) The issue was that she lied to her work to go with her boyfriend to the beach,” replied the producer of the show program Ventaneando. 

While Daniel Bisogno clarified that “or difficult and what is not accepted is aggression. That’s what they don’t, that is, you can’t hit someone and tear up their work material, which hasn’t been returned to them yet ”. 

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