Pardubice experienced a restless night. The sirens woke them up at around 1pm.

It’s a bit of a mystery. On the night of Monday to Tuesday, sirens woke up most of Pardubice. However, they were not launched through the firefighters’ operations center.

Around one o’clock in the morning on Tuesday in Pardubice, a bell was to be rung, and sirens howled. The alarmed townspeople, awake and having no idea what was going on, searched in vain for information. Since yesterday evening, social networks are full of questions like: Don’t you know what happened in Pardubice?

“Just a minute ago, morning and sirens woke up half of Pardubice, and no information. I searched on official websites, in networks, and just nothing,” one of the residents of Pardubice complained on Facebook. “It’s sad that there is no common reliable channel for state administration, local government, police and components of a unified rescue system, where everyone can get up-to-date information, learn about dangerous events,” the resident of the regional city added.

A drunken young man ended up in the hospital, his older brother did not attach much importance to this.

Brothers as they should be. One was in the hospital, the other fought in jail

Pardubice firefighters did not report a single incident at the indicated hour. “The sirens were not activated through the firefighters’ operations center,” said Vendula Horakova, a representative of the fire and rescue service of the Pardubice region. Even the police in Pardubice do not have information about the emergency. “We have no reports,” police spokesman Dita said. Tuesday morning.

During the night, the city police have already received several calls from concerned citizens. “In the night, around 1:15 a.m., several people asked us why sirens were blaring in Pardubice. We don’t know either,” the police tweeted.

Sirens belong to cities and municipalities. We are investigating the complaint from the relevant municipal authority. The likelihood that this was a technical malfunction seems to be the most likely.

The technical malfunction was soon confirmed in the city of Pardubice. “Today, at about 1 a.m., a technical malfunction occurred at the terminal element of the warning of the GZS of the Pardubice region. This was not an emergency warning,” the municipality of Pardubice said.

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