Pablo Solari ‘busts’ Colo Colo for truncating his signing for America

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Colo Colo rejected a offer of America by Pablo Solari the last week and the reports indicate that he mexican team no longeror do you plan to knock on the door of the Chileans again to sign the Argentine, who saw in the Eagles a great sporting and economic opportunity to take his career to the next level.

The azulcrema set offered 5 million dollars to Colo Colo, however, the andean team rejected the offer, asked for double by Solari and, in case of paying the amount, the soccer player would have to remain in the Andean club until November, an operation that America did not like in any way.

Pablo Solari explodes against Colo Colo

Now, with the contacts practically broken between both clubs due to the transfer of the Argentine footballer, Solari put an end to his silence Y decided to speak about it happened in an interview with the media on court.

The Forward ensures that will always give everything for Colo Colo and his hobby, however, noted to be very upset with the directive for truncating his signing with the Eagles of Fernando Ortiz.

There are people who know that they did not fulfill what they promised me and today they try to avoid me. Contracts are important, but the word is worth even more. It was a sports possibility Y spectacular economy for my family and for me,” he said.

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