Pablo Montero loses concerts by video with Maduro


Singer Pablo Montero is just beginning to see the consequences for his professional career that his decision to attend the 59th birthday of the president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, and sing him a serenade.

In addition to the rejection that it has caused among the Venezuelan community, as well as among various celebrities, the 47-year-old artist has lost several job options that he had scheduled in advance.

Mexican singer Pablo Montero sings “El Rey” to Nicolás Maduro for his birthdayDressed in the usual charro wardrobe, and accompanied by a group of mariachis, the Aztec artist performed the Alma Llanera, Las Mañanitas and El Rey in the central courtyard of the Miraflores Palace #PabloMontero # NicolásMaduro # BirthdayNicolásMaduro For more detailed information visit us at eluniversal /2021-11-24T21: 03: 29Z

“The cancellation of contracts and events for this issue has already begun, and since it is a matter of international politics, there have been certain consequences in this regard. Especially for the United States, which we know considerably that it takes quite drastic measures in this regard due to the arrest warrants and the issue of extradition that Mr. President Maduro has, ”explained Mariana Gutierrez, the singer’s legal advisor, in statements made to the Mexican program ‘First hand’.

According to the lawyer, the singer did not reveal to his legal team that he would be attending the leftist leader’s birthday. “He handled it with great discretion, he did not tell us anything about it (…) and, well, let’s see how they are going to handle it,” he explained.

According to the Chisme No Like program, hosted by Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani, Montero would have received around $ 60,000 for the presentation to Maduro. According to Ceriani, Montero’s closeness to the Maduro regime is such that he would still be in Venezuela, staying at the home of one of Hugo Chávez’s brothers.

Real debates have been unleashed on social networks about Montero’s decision. The renowned Venezuelan psychologist Alberto Barradas, who, given the political and social situation of his country, decided to settle in Chile, carried out a deep psychological analysis of Montero, calling him a psychopath.

“The issue of Pablo Montero and Maduro is more than a political issue. It is a psychological and social issue. Music is universal, that’s true. But, when you go to sing the birthday of a guy denounced for crimes against humanity, who maintains a bloody tyranny, and is guilty of the exodus of more than 6 million people, it is definitely an atrocity linked to indignity and indifference ” .

“Pablo Montero is indifferent to suffering and that makes him a sociopath. When you do not feel any guilt, or remorse, or empathy for the suffering of many, of a society, of a human group, you are a sociopath. That is a fact and cannot be disputed. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t show it before, or never let it be seen. It also doesn’t matter if you’ve “been good” before. If one day you get up and go and celebrate by singing the birthday of a genocide, you. of the head, of the soul and of love, it is not good at all ”.

“But it is also a social issue. Because although music is universal, this is no excuse to go and sing to murderers. There is a moral level that implies what you celebrate or not. The excuse cannot be that “you take Mexican music around the world”, since you don’t do a concert in a prison where you go and celebrate the birthday of a guy who has raped a group of children. You do not go and sing for that of musical universality, to a guy who, for example, this convict as a serial murderer. You see it? There is no such generality when it comes to music. There are certain limits, principles and values, linked to this ”.

Consequently, every artist who goes and sings to the tyrant, sings to death, destruction, crime, injustice. Every artist who sells for a handful of dollars, singing to the criminal, demonstrates an important sociopathic side. Any artist who celebrates by singing the birthday of a murderer is a disgrace for art ”, he concluded. Do you agree with Pablo Montero’s psychological profile?

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