Ozzie Guillén set fire to the networks with his statements about David Ortíz

David Ortíz leads the voting for the current Hall of Fame ballot.

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Oswaldo Guillén is recognized for his enormous and successful career as a Major League manager. However, when he goes through the microphones he also makes the world tremble with his tendency to speak clearly and bluntly. This time, on his podcast “Being Guillen”, the Venezuelan pointed out that the Dominican David Ortiz will go to Hall of Fame because the voters are idiots.

David Ortíz could enter the Hall of Fame in his first year because people love him, because the press loves him and because those who vote are idiots who know nothing“, expressed the Venezuelan in his podcast.

For Guillén, the Dominican does not have enough merits to be immortalized in his first opportunity in the Major League elections. In addition, he mentioned to others that if they deserve to be taken into account in this first year, as is the case of Sammy Sosa.

Despite these words, Ozzie Guillen, wanted to put aside the controversy and clarified that he maintains a great friendship with the “Big Daddy” and that his words were to the effect that he didn’t think he was going to be so dominant in his first shot at the Hall of Fame.

Right now, David Ortiz He leads the vote with 83.6% of the vote and is emerging as the only player to be elected this year by each of the voters. Outperforming stars like Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Omar Vizquel, Roger Clemens, Scott Rolen, and Curt Schilling.

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