Our missiologist’s favorites to win Miss Universe 2021

On the afternoon of this Friday, December 10, the 80 contestants who aspire to the Miss Universe 2021 crown face their great test in the preliminary competition. They must show that they have everything the organization seeks to be named as the new sovereign.

The beauty queen expert and First Time missiologist, Héctor Joaquín Colón González, has been watching what is happening in Israel, home of the 70th edition of Miss Universe, and tells us who are the 16 favorites to win the crown .

In this list, of course, there is no lack of the representative of Puerto Rico, Michelle Marie Colón Ramírez, who if she wins, would bring the sixth crown for the Island.

We will know this on Sunday, at 8:00 pm, when the final of the contest is held.

Meanwhile, here are the chosen ones. Is yours?

Belgium (Miss universe)

1. Belgium

Kedist Deltour, 24 years old

Teresa Santos, Miss Universe Brazil 2021
Brazil (Supplied)

2. Brazil

Teresa Santos, 23 years old

Colombia (Miss universe)

3. Colombia

Valeria Ayos, 27 years old

India (Supplied)

4. India

Harnaaz Sandhu, 21 years old

Noa Cochva, Miss Universe Israel 2021
Noa Cochva, Miss Universe Israel 2021 (Supplied)

5. Israel

Noa Cochva, 22 years old

Mexico (Supplied)

6. Mexico

Debora Hallal, 25 years old

Namibia (Supplied)

7. Namibia

Chelsi Shikongo, 24 years old

Paraguay (Supplied)

8. Paraguay

Nadia Ferreira, 22 years old

Philippines (Miss universe)

9. Philippines

Beatrice Luigi Gomez, 26 years old

Michelle Marie Colon, Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2021
Puerto Rico (Supplied)

10. Puerto Rico

Michelle Marie Colón Ramírez, 21 years old

South Africa
South Africa (Supplied)

11. South Africa

Lalela Mswane, 24 years old

Spain (Miss universe)

12. Spain

Sarah Loinaz, 23 years old

Thailand (Miss universe)

13. Thailand

Anchilee Scott-Kemmis, 22

USA (Miss universe)

14. United States

Elle Smith, 23

Venezuela (Miss universe)

15. Venezuela

Luiseth Materán, 25 years old

Vietnam (Miss universe)

16. Vietnam

Kim Duyen, 26

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