OPE of medical inspectors: vacancies and date

The Government has rushed until the last day of the year to launch the latest calls for access to different health scales of the administration. The broadest is the one referring to the body of Medical Inspectors of the Social Securitywhich plans to incorporate 154 new professionals through a system of contest-opposition which will begin within a maximum period of three months.

The Official State Gazette (BOE) includes this call for oppositions to doctors from the Health Inspection Corps integrated into the Social Security administration. In total, they call 154 free access spaces eight of which are reserved for disabled people.

The opposition will be made up of four exercises, all of them qualifying. The first will be a questionnaire of 120 questions with four alternative answers and only one correct one. Subsequently, the applicants must develop in writing two topics of the program drawn by lottery.

The penultimate test will consist of solving two or more cases of disability assessment, and, finally, a foreign language exercise selected by the applicant.

Those who wish to participate in these selective tests will have a period of 20 business days counted from the day following the date of publication of this call in the “Official State Gazette” to submit the application completed electronically and submitted in the manner established in the following sections.

Oppositions to Prison Health and technicians

The BOE collects this Saturday another two contests in the health field. The first of them, convened by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, consists of a single position in the Scale of Technical Specialists of Autonomous Organizations to be Extinguished (Health and Consumer Specialty).

In parallel, the Ministry of the Interior has launched a selection process to cover three positions in the Facultative Corps of Prison Health, specifically in the specialties of Family and Community Medicine and Internal Medicinecharged to the temporary employment stabilization processes.

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