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Oosouji is a traditional Japanese method that means “great cleaning” and is celebrated every December 28. It consists of starting the New Year by getting rid of those things that do not make us happy and looking to the future with hope. For this you have to do a deep cleaning in the home that is a spiritual and healing component. This is done once a year to start the New Year on the right foot, free from physical and mental loads.

What is the Oosouji method?
The Oosouji method goes beyond a deep cleaning method, it is a way of establishing order within the home. This will bring peace and positive energy to the members of the house.

The main objective of this method is to help establish order and organization in the home. We will have to do it as a family and move furniture and get rid of unnecessary things. It is an excellent opportunity to organize from the physical to the emotional and improve the lifestyle, this will bring peace of mind and positive energy.

How to prepare for the Oosouji?
The Oosouji is celebrated on December 28, it is important that the whole family participate and that there are no external interruptions. There must be a planning of the tasks that are going to be carried out to get rid of unnecessary things that are stored in cases that do nothing more than take up space and attract dust.

Before starting the big cleaning, it is necessary to purify the air in the house, so open all the windows to let the fresh air flow and ventilate all the rooms. It is necessary to have on hand all the cleaning products that are going to be used so that cleaning is more effective and faster. To maintain concentration, mobile phones must be turned off.

It is advisable to start in the morning as it is when you have more energy and your mind is clearer. We will have to thoroughly clean the spaces, check the cabinets, get rid of immissary things, which are broken or we do not like. Liquidity payments and invoices.

Cleaning from top to bottom
In the Oosouji method you have to follow an order: start cleaning from the top (cleaning walls, ceilings, windows, etc.) and go down until you finish the tasks at the bottom such as sweeping, vacuuming Each member of the family You have to involve yourself in cleaning the house.
Another tip of this method is that you have to follow the clockwise route when cleaning a room. This way you start and finish in the same place. This means “closing the circle” to leave dirt and bad vibes behind. You have to start with the deepest rooms of the house until you finish in the hall.

The objective of this method is the well-being
The main objective of the Oosouji method is the well-being of all family members. By carrying out a deep cleaning, bad feelings and bad energy are eliminated to look to the future with hope. You have to get rid of objects that bring negative feelings. Cleanliness and order at home cause well-being and peace.

pull before save
To maintain a balance, you have to shoot before you save, because if “something new comes into the house, something old comes out.” The Oosouji method establishes that it is important to get rid of everything that is incensary and that is not used. There is also no storage of objects and clothes just in case. This kind of method is beneficial to start the New Year.

Get rid of clothes you don’t use or need. Check the drawers and get rid of broken or out-of-date underwear and accessories. You can also sell, donate or give away the clothes that you never wear (jackets, pants, t-shirts, etc.). Shoes you never wear, old jewelry, old or ugly bedding

Review the medications and remove those that are expired. You have to recycle them in a place enabled for it, since they contaminate the water and the soil, leaving a negative impact on the environment.

Remove half-empty bottles of hygiene and beauty products (shampoo, gel, hair softener, etc.) from the bathroom. Get rid of all the products that you do not use, since they take up space in the drawers of the bathroom cabinet.

Donate to public bookstores or give away books that you have already read and are not going to read them again, occupy and accumulate dust in bookstores. According to Marie Kondo, a guru of order, she recommends having an average of 30 books on the shelves.

Get rid of kitchen utensils that take up space and that you will not use, tapers and jars without a lid. Check the pantry and check the expiration of the jars and products.

In the Japanese deep cleaning Oosouji method, it is not only about cleaning and ordering the home, but also bringing peace and well-being to family members and starting the New Year with renewed energy.

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