One of the most mythical shooters for PC today only costs 39 euro cents


The most terrifying adventure returns almost as a gift.

Dead Space is a video game saga that has managed to bring together a lots of horror fans. The second installment takes us to ‘The Hub’, an Earth station where Isaac must discover why he is there and how escape from this terrifying station. and all for only 0.39 euros in its PC version. Remember that the same game on the Electronic Arts website costs 19.99 euros.

The developer Visceral released this game in 2011 as part of a survival video game franchise. Fight against necromorphs with the new tool to brutally cut and dismember them. If you haven’t played it yet, you’ll be pleased to know that all three games in the series are on sale. Before the Dead Space remake comes out you should play the whole trilogy.

Get the Dead Space franchise for about 10 euros for PC

dead space

We should all play Dead Space once in a lifetime

Brutal, unexpected, chilling and very bloody It will be your survival adventure with Isaac Clarke, a crew member who will have to face a new and terrifying space reality. An adventure like this, in which the factor action and horror They marry like cooked ham to sliced ​​bread, we could not expect a greater success than it has achieved.

We will be an engineer who has little of a warrior, but who must save his crew of deadly reanimated corpses. And it won’t be easy to get rid of them as a headshot does the same damage as a pinch. They only die being dismemberedso we will use mining tools to kill them all in a very brutal way.

In the third installment we will need get to the source of the outbreak to save humanity. Tau Volantis is the place of the beginning of the end, where we will face a very hostile environment plagued by icy areas. we can play in optional cooperative modewhere each player will have a slightly different vision and experience than the rest.

For these prices you should try the complete saga on pc and then tell us again on our networks what you think of the dizzying and terrifying adventure of Isaac Clarke to save the human being.

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