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One of the most talked about breakups in recent months is that of Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles, who had been in a relationship for two years. They put an end to their love for multiple commitments that did not allow them to spend more time together. However, it seems that the singer already has suitors and among them would be Jennifer Aniston.

The singer himself has said that 2022 changed his life and thanked him for the support he has received this year. “I can’t begin to thank everyone who supported me through it, I will never forget it. I hope your end of the year is full of happiness and calm, ”says the post he made on his Instagram account, accompanied by a photo before a concert.

Following his breakup, Styles has been keeping busy with his tour Love on tour, with which he has visited several countries such as Mexico, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, among others.

According to international media, Aniston would be interested in the 28-year-old singer and has begun to interact with him through social networks. Through Instagram, she has left several “likes” on her posts.

the star of friends I would be trying to make an appointment with the interpreter of As it was, but because he was on tour and she was on different personal projects, it would not have been possible.

The rumor of Aniston’s interest in Styles would have started after a source close to the actress declared that she is a big fan of the British singer’s music, as well as that her dream would be to be able to go out with him. “Jennifer has always drooled over Harry,” the source told The National Enquirer. “She has all of her songs on her playlist and she has heard great things about him through mutual friends,” she added.

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