On the so-called day of the paratrooper, five violation cases were opened for the use of prohibited symbols.

Four processes have been launched in Latgale and one in Zemgale.

Meanwhile, the Riga municipal police said that the municipal police monitored the places where the “anniversaries” gathered on August 2 and in other years, but no significant actions were found.

For example, in Riga, near the Freedom Monument, the municipal police conducted preventive conversations with a man who walked around in the clothes of the so-called paratroopers.

Photographs posted on social media show municipal police talking to a man wearing a striped shirt typical of the Soviet and Russian military and, most likely, a Soviet paratrooper beret.

The man did not cause any incidents, negotiations were held with him, after which he left.

Airborne Troops Day is a mostly unofficial holiday celebrated in Russia and other countries of the former USSR on August 2.

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