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More than six years after the launch of its Switch, Nintendo is actively working on the design of the new version of the console expected in 2024. Today we will learn a little more about this still very secret machine.

Nintendo Switch OLED vs Switch 2017
Nintendo Switch and its cousin Switch OLED, for illustration // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

Still very secret, enough to make us wary, the Nintendo Switch 2 continues to garner a certain amount of rumors around it for months. And if a launch path sometime in 2024 seems to be gradually clearing up, the console is talking about it this week through information confirming previous ones.

We did get some details earlier this week following the alleged availability of the Switch 2 development kit in some studios. In particular, we learned that the console would benefit from more internal storage space, but also that it would remain limited to an LCD screen. These two pieces of information are now supported by YouTube leader Nate Hate. As reminded WCCFTechseveral of the man’s predictions turned out to be correct regarding certain video games.

A slightly larger switch with storage worthy of the name?

Thus, we learn from Nate Haight that the console will launch in 2024, in his words, at the end of the year, and will potentially be accompanied by a new Super Mario 3D. In terms of hardware, the insider explains that the console will indeed be limited to an LCD screen (as previous rumors suggested), but the latter will be in an 8-inch format. Recall that the Nintendo Switch OLED currently has a diagonal of 7 inches versus only 6.2 inches for the “standard” version of the console.

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However, according to Nate Haight, the Switch 2 (which could well be dubbed differently) will also come with more onboard flash storage. The person concerned is indeed calling for a capacity of 512 GB in the most equipped configurations… instead of the current 64 GB.

While this information should be taken with a pinch of salt for now, it’s clear that we’ll continue to hear about Switch 2 in the coming months. Presumably that’s why we’ll have more details to share with you later.

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