Ominous signs? Concentration of coronavirus pathogen in wastewater on the rise

They wrote: in the 30th week, the concentration of the genetic material of the coronavirus shows a further increase in the national average.

They noted that most of the samples are characterized by a stagnating trend. Added: growth can be seen in Budapest, the agglomeration towns around Budapest, Kaposvár, Kecskemét, Nyiregyhaza, Szeged and Tatabanya.

The concentration of coronavirus genetic material in Budapest and the surveyed settlements of the agglomeration around Budapest can be classified as high, in 11 settlements as moderate, and in 7 cities as low, they pointed out.

Virus researcher Miklós Ruswai recently stated in Inforádio: Coronavirus does not always spread at the same rate; as the immunity acquired as a result of vaccination or disease weakens, the population may even become infected again,

therefore, new waves can be expected, which is associated with the content of coronavirus in wastewater.

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