Olympia opens, a mega sports medicine center with a gym


The Olympia Sport Center has a 300 m² gym fully equipped with fitness machinery and training elements.

(20-6-2022). Olympia has opened its facilities in the Caleido tower in Madrid, with a surface area of ​​12,000 m2 and a 300 m2 gym. The complex has a Sports Center with specialists, thermal and rehabilitation pools, a cryotherapy room and a hyperbaric chamber, among other services.

Olympia, the new medical and sports center of the Quirónsalud Group, has just opened its doors. It is located in the Caleido tower, next to the Cuatro Torres Bussiness Area complex, in the financial district of Madrid.


The specialized center has more than 12,000 m² distributed over 3 floors, where it offers personalized health, prevention and sports promotion services, as well as well-being, controlled physical exercise, nutrition and services aimed at those who take care of and prevent the signs of aging.

As the Quironsalud Group informs us, Olympia is distributed in three well-differentiated centers: Sport Center, Lifestyle Center and Medical Center.

In sports center, the specialists in different disciplines “assess the physical conditions to carry out a sport in a healthy and controlled way and promote the practice of sports in the long term to encourage healthy life habits”, confirm from the Group. The center will have all the medical specialties and technologies necessary for comprehensive care for athletes. The Sport Center has experts in Traumatology, Sports Medicine, Cardiology, Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Psychology and musculoskeletal diagnosis. All types of sports and trauma injuries are treated, optimizing the physical condition of the professional or amateur athlete.

Athletes have thermal pools and rehabilitation facilities, with water bikes and treadmills.

The center has installed a 300 m² gym fully equipped with fitness machinery and training elements.

It also has a thermal and rehabilitation pool facility, an Ice-Lab integral cryotherapy room as well as a hyperbaric chamber at a pressure of 3 ATA (Absolute Atmospheres) to achieve hyper-oxygenation in all the cells of the body.

The care will be organized in multidisciplinary units made up of professionals specialized in each specific type of care needs of people who practice sports: sports examination and check-up unit, sports training unit (which includes, among other services, the running school), biomechanics department, knee unit, shoulder unit, ankle and foot unit, spine unit, hip unit, rehabilitation institute, nutrition unit and sports cardiology unit.

Lifestyle and Medical Center

As for another of the areas, Lifestyle Center, from the Group they inform us that it focuses “on prevention, longevity and treatment of chronic patients with an integrative and functional approach to accompany people to achieve sustainable health” .

View of the gym from another perspective.

Center made up of nationally and internationally renowned physicians and, among others, specializations in Nutrition, Neurology, Prevention, Longevity and Comprehensive Medicine, Men’s Health and Women’s Health, Dermatology or Rest Management are treated.

Furthermore, experts in Wellagingfor a natural, healthy and sustainable ageing, will promote the proper management of longevity and will work on the specific areas of cardiovascular and neurovascular prevention, oncoprevention and prevention of neurocognitive deterioration.

The complex is completed with the Medical Center, a medical-surgical center in which all the medical and surgical specialties work in coordination to treat any type of pathology.

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