Ogre man jumps on top of cars

Representatives of the insurance company claim that this method of extorting money is almost never successful. The authorities carefully investigate the circumstances of the accident, so a simulated accident can be detected very easily.

“It doesn’t make much sense, because many cars have DVRs, and if something like this happens, insurers notice surveillance,” says Janis Abashins, Chairman of the Board of the Latvian Transport Insurers Bureau (LTAB). .

Also, the particular video from Ogre does not appear to be an attempt to extort an insurance claim. The representative of the insurer believes that such cases are rare or even very rare.

Most often, fraud methods are described as much more complex. Namely, people spend years planning how to get through the law and paperwork to corner the insurance companies.

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It is possible that the man has an emotional breakdown and he jumped on the roofs of cars, so to speak, without a further plan. In any case, the chairman of the Latvian Transport Authority does not remember a single case where someone in Latvia managed to extort money in this way.

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