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Another surprise of this Black Friday 2021 on Amazon. Usually our first option when recommending a drone that is not for playing, even if it is for initiation, is always the DJI Mini 2 Combo, a safe bet in quality-price. It has a large camera mounted that records videos in 4k, has a long battery life, has obstacle sensors and stability control for the best flight experience. It is a great product and the best price we have seen in 2020 and 2021 has been 535 euros. Below that we have not found any offer, and that price, in addition, has been punctual. But, of course, Friday has arrived in the week of Black Friday, which this year has lasted a whole week, and we have found the DJI Mini Mavic Combo for 359 euros and a reasonable doubt has arisen when it comes to recommending product for those who want to get started seriously in the world of drones. We refer to those who do not see it as a temporary passage, that for those and for those who want to test if this drones goes with them, we have a guide to the best drones with products adjusted to all types of users and with prices for under 100 euros.

Black Friday Amazon Offer: DJI Mini Mavic Combo, 359 euros


DJI Mavic Mini Combo


€ 359.00

The DJI Mini Mavic Combo is just as small and light as the DJI Mini 2 combo and sacrifices image quality, which is no longer 4K. The camera of this other model, below the barrier of 400 euros, can record at 2.7K at 30 fps (hence the price drop). Control range of 2 km and speed around 46 km / h, more than enough. Remember that the flight with this model and with most models on the market, in the end, will never exceed 20-30 minutes and that you will have to buy at least another battery, which makes it interesting for some users to buy a more affordable model and invest what can be saved on a battery.

Black Friday Amazon Offer: DJI FPV Combo, 1,149 euros




€ 1,149.00

Black Friday offers you to save 200 euros on one of the best models of the DJI brand for professional drone users. If you are wondering what the price difference is with the previous one, you have to know that you pay for stabilization technology, more control options and a better camera. The DJI FPV Combo has Low Latency HD transmission. This lowered combo (and also the non-lowered one, eh) incorporates the FPV Goggles V2 and this model also allows you to pair another pair of glasses.

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