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On November 12, Bertha Ocaña and other relatives of Octavio participated in a tribute in which they received a gold luminary in the name of the actor and revealed their footprints.

Several days after the death of Octavio Ocaña, his artistic career was remembered on Friday, November 12, in the Galería de las Estrellas square, in a shopping center located in the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office of Mexico City.

His sisters Bertha and Ana participated in the tribute in which the work of Octavio Ocaña was remembered, recognized for his character Benito Rivers in the program Neighbors.

The girlfriend of actor Nerea Godínez, also attended the tribute.

In 2005, Ocaña, representing Benito, left his footprints in El paseo de las luminarias and on Friday the 12th, the family unveiled the actor’s handprints again.

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“Today in our #FridayDeLuminarias we paid a tribute to the actor Octavio Ocaña where his sister and some of his relatives received a gold luminary on behalf of the actor and also unveiled his footprints,” published the Plaza de las Estrellas Oficial shopping center on their social networks .

Bertha Ocaña’s reactions

Bertha Ocaña has been one of the sisters of the actor who has spoken the most on social networks and during the tribute she was moved and thanked the organizers for paying tribute to Octavio.

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“Thank you for leaving a deep mark on entertainment in Mexico and on our hearts. You deserve this and more. Thank you for this memorable and beautiful tribute to Plaza de las Estrellas. I had to represent my beautiful family. Fam. Pérez Ocaña ”, published Bertha Ocaña on her official Instagram account.

“Someday I am going to tell my children about you and I will tell them that you were dying to meet them even though they still don’t exist, although they are not planned yet. You always told me what to do when I made you an uncle and I think I was late, but I’m going to Take them to see your little fingerprints and surely they will have a hard time believing that their uncle was a great star, but what better evidence than everything you achieved and everything you left behind. You had a long way to go, but you had to get ahead, we will never forget you ”, added Bertha in another publication.

Nerea Godínez, the actor’s girlfriend, also spoke on her Instagram account. “Honor to whom honor my king deserves. I love you, ”he wrote.

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