Octavio Ocaña: what would be his last will and name of his beneficiary comes to light

The circumstances in which Octavio Ocana he lost his life at age 22 on October 29.

Supposedly the actor accidentally shot himself in the head when his truck ended up crashing after being chased by policemen from Cuautitlán Izcalli, State of Mexico, who initially asked him to stop, although he ignored it.

Now, a couple of days after the month of his death, The controversy revolves around his last will and his fans wonder what will happen to his fortune.

This would amount to $ 1 million dollars, the result of his work as an actor, since he started from a very young age as the child ‘Benito Rivers’ from the series “Neighbors”, the character that made him famous, and It turns out that there would be a will that designates its beneficiary.

According to a video circulating on the internet, it is revealed an alleged document, without validity, that indicates the name of the person to whom Octavio Ocaña would leave all his assets.

Everything seems to indicate that Ocaña left in writing that the son of his fiancee, Nerea Godínez, would be the absolute heir due to the relationship they built after several years.

They would be two properties that would be in the name of the minor, but their mother would be the one who would take care of them until the child reaches the age of majority.

I would have also given him the earnings you would get from royalties in the broadcasts of the projects he carried out.

So far, the family has not spoken about it, as they have shown that they have more important things to think about, such as the investigation with expert experts hired by themselves to clarify the death of Octavio.

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