Octavio Ocaña, graphologist analyzes Nerea Godínez and reveals she is innocent

The accusations about Nerea Godinez They have been overwhelming her, as many say that Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend had to do with his unfortunate end on October 29, which is why MaryFer Centeno has analyzed her and has spoken about her position on the facts.

According to the graphologist and body language specialist, when analyzing the video in which Nerea Godínez defends herself against the accusations of having betrayed the beloved actor who gave life to Benito rivers in Neighbors, he concludes that Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend is innocent.

To say from Hoy’s graphologist, Octavio Pérez Ocaña’s fiancée is having a pretty bad time with the departure of her partner and not only that, but also with everything that is said about her. In the video Nerea touches her chest, which MaryFer assures is to encourage herself, while later she puts her hand to her ear, but this is because she definitely does not want to hear anymore, because she is tired of everything that is said.

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To say for Centeno, Nerea Godínez is transparent and is not really lying about what happened with the dear Octavio. Another video of the specialist has also become popular, the one in which she analyzes what the Televisa actor was like.

According to MaryFer, what got into her head was impossible to get out, besides that she was very happy with her partner; Analyzing the photographs of Nerea and Octavio Ocaña, he assured that both were quite in love and there was complicity in them.


Octavio Ocaña, reveal if his girlfriend was responsible for his departure. Photo: Instagram.

The couple had been in a relationship for 6 months and, according to the expert, it was very carnal, so Godínez would be suffering something similar to abstinence after having lost love so abruptly and she is totally sincere in saying that she feels “broken”.

The video we talked about first, in which Nerea Godínez defends herself against accusations, has raised even more criticism, as many say they would have seen a man without a shirt at the bottom of the image, while some say that he does not speak well of her that apparently does not wear anything and covers only with a sheet or that he even went in a short cachetero to the funeral of Octavio Ocana.

Rumors say that they should investigate this young woman and that it would be a partner or former partner of hers who is responsible for the beloved actor leaving; among many other things that go against this young woman.

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