Octavio Ocaña: Famous band dedicates moving song to “Benito Rivers” | VIDEO

Octavio Ocana ser won the hearts and affections of the public due to his sympathy as well as his performances, especially in the series Neighbors. It was just in this production where he gave life to Benedict Rivers, a tender character and protected by his parents. Since he was a child, the actor had empathy with the followers, so after his death thousands of expressions of affection have been presented.

Among the tributes to Ocana They are the creation of a rap and even a corrido where the trajectory of the young man who died prematurely is reviewed, but now an important band has joined the honors and released a song dedicated to Octavio.

They join the tributes

It’s about the Band La Fugitiva by Mike Miramontes, who decided to join in the tributes for the actor. In recent days, the group published the video for the song “When looking at the sun”, but the title of the clip on YouTube was supplemented with the phrase “homage to Octavio Ocana (Benedict) “.

The video has images of the late actor as well as his family and his girlfriend. The actor’s photographs appear in black and white, constituting a moving video clip, as it also has some passages from his participation in the series Neighbors, where he had to be characterized by various characters.


So far, the video has more than 55 thousand views. The followers of the band have left endless messages for the actor, reaffirming that he was one of the most beloved public personalities of Mexican entertainment.

The video of “Looking at the sun“He concludes with the following sentence:” Whoever passed through our life and left light, must shine in our soul for all eternity. “Without a doubt, one of the best tributes to Octavio Ocana.

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