Obsidian would work on detective-themed indie and Disco Elysium elements

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Xbox Game Studios has made several studio purchases in the past few years and one of the most striking was the studio renowned for its expertise in the RPG genre Obsidian Entertainment. The studio is known to work on Avowed and The Outer Worlds 2, but it has more projects under development and the first details of one of them have just come to light.

In recent days, insiders Jeff Grubb and Jez Corden have offered unofficial information from Pentiment, which would be an indie game that would feature the renowned video game designer John Sawyer, who has worked on narrative games such as Fallout: New Vegas and Pilars of Eternity. According to details provided to Corden by a source (via Windows Central), the creative team is around 12 people. Josh Sawyer confirmed months ago that he works on his own project and that it is not Avowed.

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The English term ‘pentimento’ originates from Italian and translates as ‘repentance’. In painting, repentance is “an amendment or correction that is noticed in the composition and drawing of the paintings”, according to the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy. In other words, regret is an alteration that manifests the change of the artist’s idea of ​​what he was originally painting, something that is achieved by painting something under the final layer, which over time degrades and exhibits the original material. Thus ‘repentance’ is somewhat similar to the ‘palimpsest’ in scripture.

This term would be related to the concept of the game, since it would take place in 16th century Europe and the player would put himself in the shoes of an investigator who would have to discover the truth after a mysterious murder.

In case you missed it: Avowed it sounds very promising judging by first unofficial details.

Pentiment will offer a promising narrative adventure

According to information from insider Jeff Grubb, Pentiment would have inspiration from Disco Elysium coupled with a branching narrative. Being a detective genre game more oriented to an adventure RPG than a combat one, Pentiment It will have a great focus on dialogue and the story will unfold as the player finds more details of the case and there will also be many different consequences depending on the decisions that are made.

Obsidian Entertainment has not mentioned anything about this new game, but the good news for fans of this study is that, unlike Project Midnight (the supposed new game from the creators of We Happy Few), Pentiment has a release window scheduled for 2022, according to Grubb.

Corden shared an illustration with artwork that Obsidian Entertainment supposedly has planned for the game.

Image: Jez Corden (via Windows Central)
Image: Jez Corden (via Windows Central)

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