OAS General Assembly renews seats in the Inter-American Court and the IACHR. Urrejola will not continue at the IACHR

During the General Assembly of the Organization of American States (OAS), four new members of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (Inter-American Court of Human Rights) and three of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) were elected.

The new members of the IACHR, elected by the majority of the votes for the period 2022-2025, are the Mexican Joel Hernández García, who renewed his seat; Roberta Clarke from Barbados and Carlos Bernal Pulido from Colombia.

The Brazilian Rodrigo Bittencourt Mydrovitsch, the Argentine Verónica Gómez, the Costa Rican Nancy Hernández López and the Chilean Patricia Pérez Goldberg were elected to join the Inter-American Court from 2022 and for the next five years .

Goldberg won her place in a playoff with Paraguayan Miryam Josefina Peña Candia.

Five candidates presented themselves for the three vacancies at the IACHR. Antonia Urrejola, current president of the IACHR, did not reach any of the positions with only 9 votes.

The mandate of the IACHR is for four years, starting on January 1. The candidates for the IACHR were: Joel Hernández García, from Mexico; Carlos Bernal Pulido, from Colombia; Antonia Urrejola Noguera, from Chile; Roberta Clarke, from Barbados, and Alexandra Huneeus, from the United States.

The candidates from Mexico (27 votes), Colombia (21 votes) and Barbados (23 votes) remain in the three positions.

Urrejola addressed a few words of farewell when presenting his 2020 annual report at the General Assembly. He focused on the work carried out in the framework of the pandemic and the accompaniment of the situation in Nicaragua.

“I cannot fail to draw attention to the honorable assembly on Nicaragua, whose people I have accompanied in the last four years, and tell all of them that I will continue to accompany them from wherever the future may bring me,” said Urrejola, who stressed that Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela require special attention.

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Prior to the election at the IACHR, more than 60 Colombian, American and Americas organizations rejected the candidacy of Bernal Pulido to the IACHR, nominated by the Colombian government.

In addition, the 34 delegations meeting in the OAS Assembly unanimously elected Dean Evanson, from Antigua and Barbuda, to the Board of External Auditors.

In addition, for the Administrative Tribunal of the OAS, Wilson Vallejo Bazante, from Ecuador, was selected, and for the Center for Justice Studies of the Americas, the position was held by Jenny Murphy and Nadia Franco Basán, from the United States and Panama. respectively.

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