Nurcia’s reaction when Inda Permatasari found out she was pregnant with her second child

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Tuesday, 29 Aug. 2023 18:30 WIB

Nurcia’s reaction when Inda Permatasari found out she was pregnant with her second child (Photo: Doc. Instagram/indahpermatas)

Jakarta, Insertlive

Nursia, the mother of Inda Permatasari, broadcast live on her social media on Tuesday (August 29).

In the middle of the broadcast, a netizen discussed the issue of Inda Permatasari being pregnant again.

Mami seems Inda is pregnant with her second child.”, — wrote one of the netizens.

Seeing this comment, Nursia gave an unexpected response. He firmly stated that he did not care about Inda Permatasari’s family life with Arie Kriting.

“I don’t want to know. You want two, you want ten, you don’t want to know, ”Nursia answered.

“There is no friendship while there is this person. Take this Indu Permatasari instead of being associated with Brekele (Arye), they are satisfied, right, take this,” he said.

Inda Permatasari and her mother Nursia. / Photo: Doc. Instagram/beautiful permats

Despite her indifference towards her daughter’s family, Nursia said that what she really wants to take care of is Inda Permatasari’s children.

Nurcia admitted that she does not mind if Inda Permatasari wants to leave the child during work or filming.

For him, Inda and her grandchildren were never a problem. He just didn’t like Arya Kriting.

“Even if it is given, I will take care of the child,” Nurcia said, referring to the YouTube channel Chat Asix on Sunday (27/8).

“I used to say that Inda is filming, put me in the care of the house, everything is in order, there is no problem with this child. Inda is still my child, the child is my angel, but if this person (Aryeh Kriting) is not, it hurts too much,” he concluded.


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