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LFI, PS, EE-LV and PCF say they are “baffled” by the terms of the head of state’s invitation. They want to talk about pensions, windfall profits, or the environment, and “have no illusions” about the president’s “goals.”

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Invited on Wednesday 30 August to Saint-Denis by Emmanuel Macron in honor of his great “political initiative” the different parties have to do their homework during the holidays to prepare for the start of the new school year in front of the president with a folder full of suggestions. But the ground is set by the Élysée Palace, which on Friday, August 25, warned guests in a letter that the topics discussed would be the international community, the power and cohesion of the nation, and institutional issues. These are not necessarily boxes in which to place the social measures demanded by the left, for example, as suggested by Olivier Veran on Monday, August 28, on “preferendum”.

“Don’t ask me to comment on the tool, but rather ask questions! Will one of them be about pension reform or profit taxation ?” questions, falsely naive, chief of deputies

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