Nuclear Medicine at the Málaga Clinic improves diagnostic accuracy with new equipment

The university hospital complex Virgin of the Victory of Malagathrough its service Nuclear medicineyou just put a new piece of equipment into operation SPECT/CT that allows to increase the quality and diagnostic precision in studies related to the cancer, heart and the brain.

In this sense, the new equipment from which the first patients are already benefiting, also allows a reduction in the radiation dose necessary to carry out the tests, as well as the scan time reduction for the comfort of the patient and a qualitative leap in health care, the Board has indicated in a statement.

Also, the installation of this new gamma camera is part of the High Technology Equipment Investment Plan (INVEAT) that is being carried out in Andalusia to modernize and update this type of high-precision equipment, financed by the European Union, through the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism-NextGeneration EU, financial instrument for investment C18.I1 Investment plan in high-tech equipment of the SNS, of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan of the Government of Spain.

For her part, the head of the Nuclear Medicine section of the Virgen de la Victoria university hospital complex, Salome Sanz, explains that “it is a SPECT/TC gamma camera that allows better detection and characterization of lesions increasing accuracy and precision in diagnosis”.

This is the first Nuclear Medicine service in Andalusia in which these new equipment have been put into operation”. “With the new equipment we will be able, for example, to halve the duration of cardiac examinations, obtaining, at the same time, better quality images with a lower radiation dose”, added Sanz.

Service Nuclear Medicine at the Virgen de la Victoria Clinical Hospital in Malaga treats more than 7,500 patients each year. The most frequent types of examinations are diagnostic studies oncologyfrom cardiology, neurology, endocrinology, pulmonology, surgery, internal medicine, gynecologyY traumatology.

Finally, they have highlighted that, for the installation of the new equipment, the reorganization of agendas to guarantee the assistance activity of the unit, which consists of two teams. Likewise, and in these days we are going to proceed to replace the second gamma camera for the installation of other advanced technology equipment similar to the one that has just started operating.

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